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Are my gutters that important?

New brown plastic gutters is the drainage offered by smarthomes roofing and remodeling in Greater Houston, Texas.

Not all homeowners receive enough information when they install their roofs or related drain systems. Most gutters are made from plastic, copper, zinc, or tin, and if installed properly, may extend the roofs’ lifetime.

If you notice any problem with your roof and live in Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or their surroundings, make an appointment by filling this form. We also use WhatsApp for quick inquiries.

Why do gutters matter?

Your gutters matter because your roof cover itself cannot completely protect your property against moisture penetration. That is completely true if you have damaged gutters or no drainage system at all.

Such mechanisms transport the water away from your roof and walls in a targeted manner by using downpipes. So, when your gutters suffer any damage, you will clearly notice it under the heavy rain.


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What causes gutters malfunction?

The gutter’s failure isn’t always due to an accident or exceeded lifespan, it could also derive from a lack of maintenance. This is a common fact when the initial installation didn’t include a protective net or guard.

When was the last time you checked your gutters and tested the water drain from your roof? Did you know that leaves and tiny animals are the typical root cause of roof damage caused by water overflow? Our support staff will answer your questions: (832) 830-3280 and call us before it’s too late.

Man on a ladder unclogging gutters smarthomes roofing and remodeling in Greater Houston, Texas
To avoid this mess, we install a leafguard on your gutters. Call us 832-830-3280.

Maintenance for your gutters

We can give you some hints on how to keep your gutters clean, visit your property for a complete assessment, replace your gutters, and even test the current ones after an unclogging & power washing maintenance.

Man powerwashing gutters on a ladder in Greater Houston Texas
We test your drain after maintenance in several Texan cities. Call us 832-830-3280.

New gutters financing options?

Finally, we can finance the installation of your new gutters through Green Sky. Also, we can work with your insurance company in case your roof requires a partial or total replacement, and we can help you understand the whole process from start to finish.

And we have a whole section to give you more details about our gutter’s replacement and maintenance services. To our Greater Houston community, we offer roofing and remodeling services.

An insurance claim to finance a roof + gutters replacement?

Get the best settlement possible with your claim, but always do it with professionals that show you all choices you’ve got to pay for a home upgrade.

Call us now at (832) 830-3280, we offer roofing & remodeling services for all budgets near you.