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What is the cost to replace my roof?

The average cost per sq ft depends on the materials, but this is close to what an official estimate would look like:
– Asphalt shingle (3-tabs): $3.00 – $3.75.
– Asphalt shingle (Architectural): $3.50 – $5.50.
– Corrugated metal: $6.50 – $8.50.
– Standing Seam metal: $9.00 – $12.00.
– Aluminum roof: $4.00 – $5.00.

Are you registered to act as a roofing contractor?

Yes, we are registered to perform any roofing job in the Houston area, even when some cities do not require specific permits beyond what is rational. So, depending on the jurisdiction, to avoid any penalties, we suggest you work with those who belong to the Roofing Contractors Association of Texas (RCAT), at least. By the way, we also belong to the Houston Area Chapter: Houston Area Roofing Contractors Association (HARCA).

Do you offer roof replacement financed in the Houston area?

Yes, we do. There are different financing options to replace a roof and pay on a monthly basis. Click on this link to get in touch with our sales representative and get the answers you need according to your budget expectations.

Can I replace my roof using my insurance policy?

Yes, you can. We have experience with most insurance companies and will help you get the best settlement possible. Our phone number (832-830-3280) awaits you to provide you with sufficient information. When you choose us, we will walk you through the whole process. We will assist you from start to finish, that is our promise.

Can I get a new roof paying only my deductible?

Yes, you can get your roof replaced, and in some cases, the homeowner has no other obligations than paying his/her insurance deductible. That is a fact, in some cases. Please be advised: we are cautious when stating this answer. We must assess your property and ask you some questions before we assure you anything. Fill this form now to receive further info. 

Is it true there are ways to get my roof replaced for free?

No, it is not true at all. Replacing a roof without paying the deductible is considered insurance fraud. Yeah, it is a crime. Act HB2102 prohibits some shady practices to avoid paying the insurance deductible. But if someone agrees to do it for free and fund the replacement with an insurance claim, be very careful: that job might get you in jail Mr. or Mrs. Homeowner.

If I have never used my insurance policy and my roof is damaged, can you help me?

Of course, we can help you. Please tell us about your situation before we give you our advice. If you choose us to work with you, then we will guide you through the whole process.

Which one is the best roofing company in the Houston area?

Smarthomes Roofing & Remodeling, we do not doubt it. Call our support team tapping on this number: 832-830-3280.

Do you offer workmanship and material warranties?

Yes, we do offer a limited warranty under each manufacturer. Depending on your pick, we offer you from 25 years to lifetime warranties. Additionally, our workmanship labor has a 10-years warranty.

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