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How do I know when I have to repair or replace my roof

six sign to detect roofing problems to fix with smarthomes roofing and remodeling

There are many signs everywhere, but visitors commonly detect roofing problems before you do. If you notice any of them and live in either Greater Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio or their surroundings, you may call us for a free consultation by tapping on this link.

Here we will confer you at least six easy ways to guess roofing issues at home, and you should attend them with a roofing company.

Check your roof conditions the soonest

Even though some images may seem dramatic, we find similar damages during almost any roof assessment. Sometimes it only requires a quick repair, but also it could be too late for a minor fix.

Now, take these problems as conditions to trigger a professional roof inspection, which will lead you to a full assessment including a detailed report.

And if your roofer is accredited and registered, you will receive an estimate to relieve you from such worries that may be valid for your insurance company.

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Generalized granule loss from aged shingles

shingle granules loss seen during inspection in jersey village texas
The damage is everywhere on 20+ years old roofs

Shingles last for about 15 to 30 years. Nonetheless, some events may shorten their lifespan.

Shingle tabs torn off by strong winds

wind damage shingle tab torn off
Only a handful homeowners know their roofing conditions. Make an appointment today

Scattered granule loss due to hail storms

shingle granules loss due to hailstorms seen during inspection in jersey village texas
The damage is present only where hail hits your roof, revealing the asphalt beneath the granules

When objects impact your roof, they usually leave marks spotted by trained eyes. Those marks might let you see the asphalt and even fiber hidden under the granules’ protective layer.

Mold or stains on the ceiling or walls

stain on the ceiling revealing an insulation problem or a roof leak
Mold and stains are easily seen by visitors, homeowners get used to them.

Sometimes you will notice brown, gray, or green unusual marks on the drywall. Such stains could also be due to insulation problems when condensation drops fall.

Tiny leaks issues to later become huge problems

water leak is a serious problem for your roof and belongings
Just a few drops-a-day mild situation may evolve into a nightmare within months

If you notice some water or excessive humidity only in certain areas, a leak could be present. An accredited roofer can find those leaks and help you with further actions, such as handing you a report or an estimate for repairs or a complete replacement.

Roof sagging like a warp effect

rotten plywood warped roof

Rot or moisture can spoil plywood under your shingles’ roof. It is better to remove that area and never walk on your roof because even the rafters suffer damage from a leak.

Said that, remember we have a remedy for all roofing issues you could be facing. We offer a limited lifetime warranty on materials plus a 10-years labor warranty on new roofs.

If you need a quick consultation, call us at (832) 830-3280. Our support team will help you if you are a homeowner from our service areas. And remember, we can chat through Messenger or WhatsApp.