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Roofing Services in Texas

Either pitched or flat, not only its skin (plywood, tar paper, shingles, coat) but the whole roof structure is subject to an inspection and eventual replacement. Moreover, insulation and other complementary systems like gutters, skylights, or chimneys, must be checked periodically. But first, we will explore if you need it and the best way to afford it, with all the options you have today to finance your home renovation project.

A roof replacement. When?

After 10+ years, you should consider the possibility to replace your old roof due to several reasons, including: 

  • Material fatigue. Your rafters could require an inspection, particularly in those cases in which there were unattended known damages.
  • Moisture marks. Undetected leaks could lead to notice spots or stains on your drywall, paint discoloration, or zones where you can easily peel off some walls or ceiling areas.
  • Heavy hailstorm damage. Unless you have a metal roof, a 30-years-warranty installation like we provide, or a high-tech material covering your home, it is reasonable to inspect its conditions now and then. Maybe an early roof repair saves you from a roof replacement.
  • Hurricanes or strong winds. Depending on its materials, design, and age, an inspector must convey an assessment if a tornado hits your neighborhood, but also if windy-heavy rain happens, keeping your asset in optimal conditions.

A smart move to reduce energy costs

Texan homeowners from Houston, Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, and their surroundings appreciate lowering their energy consumption levels. Heating costs decrease after a roof replacement. Isn’t it an appealing boon?

Our roofing experts can determine if you need a roof renovation. We provide you with a report after an assessment, so you will have an estimate plus our guidance through the whole process if you choose us to convey the renovation.

What happens if I postpone the roof inspection?

It depends. For good or bad, it will always be your choice to apply for financing to renew it or call your insurance company anytime for a claim. If you have enough information about using insurance to replace roofs, then you know the consequences of following the wrong approach for claims.

On the other hand, if you delay your decision of caring for your legacy and that only costs you a deductible, the roofing contractor could inform you of additional issues usually not covered by your insurance company.

Many homeowners have their roofs checked too late when moisture or damage is visible. Fortunately, you can foresee age-related roofing problems, but other external factors -even mild ones- could cause you a headache. For instance, leaves can clog your gutters, blocking the drainage, and if that occurs, chances are high to become a worse matter, affecting your roof conditions progressively.

Have you got any objection to know your roof conditions?

Roofing contractor vehicle with white background. The message says: We're ready & available! Homeowners we replace their roofs live in Katy Katy 77493 near Elyson, Cane Island, Falls At Green Meadows, Katy Oaks, King Crossing, Lakecrest, Morton Creek Ranch, Stone Crest, Ventana Lake, and Williamsburg.

Roof-maintenance services we offer

If a certified and accredited contractor inspects your roof, he might suggest some repairs over re-roofing. Such items could include: 

  • Renewing the roof structure. The roof truss supports the structure ensuring its stability. Moisture or pest can get some pieces rotten and ailing, but luckily some parts can be fixed or replaced to extend their use.
  • Replacing certain zones, tiles, or shingles. Some homeowners call us for a fix when their roof structure is decent, and tiny details can spoil a huge investment inadvertedly.
  • Insulation. Above, between, or under rafter, even covering the attic modern insulation material can be applied. High-tech roofs include elastomeric components to cover this aspect safely during the roof installation.
  • Falling trees or branches. Sometimes accidents happen and not always destroy the whole property. If so, a corrective project or repairs can allow you to leave that event behind. As we do with other homeowners, we will visit you for a quick inspection. Then, if we detect any problem, we’ll assess the whole asset and share the information you require before starting a job.
  • Roof vents. A ventilated attic prevents the whole roof from uncontrolled heating and undesired humidity levels that can lead to moisture. Your roof may have boxed, mechanical, powered, or natural vents from ridge to eaves, there are several kinds of ventilation systems to prolong your roof’s longevity. So, during an inspection, our expert checks that your ventilation system works the way it should, and will inform you if any maintenance is required.
  • Roof flashing, skylights, and others. Your roof usually contains several components working together to make your home more comfortable. Those systems are combined during their installation and could fail to keep the water away from the roof. We check their conditions and do everything to stop any further damage if you approve us to work on them.

Ask for an inspection to start your roof maintenance

What if replacing is cheaper than repairing?

We always provide several choices to all homeowners in Houston. You will pick the alternative based on factors such as quality, lifespan, pricing, maintenance programs, and financing. We enable you to decide, will guide you through the whole process if you want help from our support representatives.

What factors influence the cost of a roof maintenance?

Some increase the cost over others, but mostly the extent of the damages. Sometimes a quick repair is enough to put an eventual replacement aside, especially when weather conditions cannot allow us to work safely. Also if insulation is included it affects the estimate. Other factors could dramatically increase the pricing, like quality brands, extended warranty, the reuse of certain parts you already own (among other things) can change the figures.

Now, what we ought to say about these factors is that you must be aware of low-pricing quotes, get truly detailed estimates and conditions of every contract you sign. In fact, this is a must if you’re using your insurance company for home improvement. Remember, we offer free estimates for roof replacement & repairs.

How much does it cost to inspect my roof?

We are professional roofers, so there is no cost for visiting your home and assessing your roof integrity. If there are no damages and everything works perfectly, our expert will leave you his business card or a discount coupon for future jobs. If you need other spaces renewed, hit this link. We offer you remodeling services too!.

Still unsure if you might need a roof replacement?

Well, we can inspect your roof at no cost for you, so you have nothing to lose. You can call us anytime, we have an online process to provide roofing estimates. On top of that, if you want more information we can guide you in your insurance claim process from start to finish if that is the convenient option for you. And last but not least, we are registered with the regional and local guild, known as fully-insured & accredited roof contractors, yearning to satisfy you, keeping our perfect score and good reviews from our new friends.


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