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Switching to metal roofing: Should I get a new roof?

A home with a metal roof. Metal Roofing: Should I consider a new roof?

There are dozens of advantages to opting for a metal roof despite its cost or complexity at install, if you find the right roofer. A metal roof on a residential property is lightweight, durable, and performs great for decades. Did you know that? Well, let’s explore the benefits of having a metal roof protecting your family and belongings.

Moving away from asphalt shingles, concrete, or clay tiles, let’s talk about metal roofing to understand what powers its use at home. What are the benefits, and what are the edges to consider before choosing a particular material? Let’s start.

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Some time ago, metal roofs were used almost exclusively on industrial facilities. Then commercial, and finally became part of intermediate buildings for private – not commercial – plus for residential use due to several reasons:

  • Compatibility with your current roof structure.
  • Ease of relocation.
  • Speed of installation.
  • Durability compared to other alternatives.
  • Variety of colors and designs.
  • Low preventive maintenance.
  • Resists the weather conditions.
  • Minimal friction.
  • Fire-resistant.
  • Better insurance policies.
  • Lower environmental impact.
  • Compatible with other types of roofs.

Compatibility of your new roof

It is common to identify a commercial, industrial, or storage facility by the color and shape of its metal roofing, even though other types (such as TPO or MB) exist. However, homeowners now also consider installing a metal roof because of eventual compatibility based on the structure they enjoy today at home.

And although it is not about placing metal sheets over asphalt shingles (it is not), it does make it easier to adopt a change, if OSB or plywood are in good conditions (never over cedar shake). The reduced weight of the metal sheets favors their fastening on elements that previously carried heavier covers, such as cheaper alternatives to metal roofing.

Ease of transportation

Because of their rigidity, lightness, and construction patterns, the metal sheets used in new metal roofs can be stacked and moved with almost any vehicle, blocking a little space on your premises during installation.

This factor implies that your roofing contractor will avoid delays during roof repairs or replacement related to logistics. It also reduces the crew on your site, streamlining operations.

Quick installation

Its lightness and the ease of stacking the sheets allow small teams of experts to repair or replace a metal roof without using much space, covering large areas due to the ease of installing complete sheets instead of mosaics as occur with tiles.

But be conscious, there is an additional complexity and a higher risk for uncertified contractors because, during installation, cutting and roofing with hidden anchors require special tools, training, and skills.

Durability of a metal roof

A metal roof can last 30, 40, 80 years, and even longer with the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance. No economically viable alternative gets any closer. It is the most recommended investment for homeowners. Other materials offer incredible warranties, but none reach metal roofing’s -if you intend to make only one roof installation- enjoying a cover in excellent conditions, for the rest of your life.

Variety in colors and designs

A novel aspect of building materials in modern architecture is the possibility of harmoniously combining elements to make your property unique. In that sense, beyond traditional architecture, there are innovative trends in designs, alloys, and composites that make residential roofs vibrant.

An example is the copper roofs, which give an unparalleled distinction, although there are also roofs similar to traditional structures, still metallic. Another trend is the use of concealed metal roofs (with hidden anchors or fastening systems) and corrugated patterns such as the Steel Standing Seam and of all of them a range of colors to choose from, based on your expectation plus recommendations from our experts.

Little maintenance

Metal roofs are not for every budget, but they last for long periods, and for dozens of years only merit little preventive maintenance on protective layers (or corrective, if coloring in the cases of copper and zinc). They are also clustered according to experimental material blend and designs, to be revised every 10 years through an inspection, as recommended by each manufacturer. And some of the sheets on the market already have a special treatment making them even more durable.


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Resists the weather conditions

Metal roofs are known to last. Neither hail can damage them nor break them because they are extremely strong. Concealed metal roofs under heavy rains or storms, yet do not suffer any problems. Premium insulation is required to get the absolute best from them, and we work with top brands, such as CertainTeed.

Minimal friction on your new roof

Some roofs have a protective compound, regenerated with maintenance, and thanks to this product, shape, and pitch, the sliding surface avoids damages commonly seen in other types of roofs. With proper installation, snow slides off easily and reduces the risk of leaving a heavy load on the structure. Other substances are easily drained, keeping the roof impeccable.


Although it is not necessary to delve into this advantage, the fact that a roof is fire-resistant gives you an additional benefit in the safety aspect. Since a metal roof is not flammable, it will resist any incendiary object falling on it, another reason to decide its installation.

Preferential conditions on home insurance policies

Insurance companies charge for assuming risks against possible claims, and as in the case of fire, having a roof that is not flammable gives you a lower risk score, which reduces the policy fee. The same occurs with its surface, which resists hailstorms and heavy rain. The damage risk is lower than other alternatives, also lowering the insurance amount you will monthly pay.

Therefore, durability is an outstanding factor: the insurer understands that your metal roof will require little inspection and minimal maintenance for decades, making it low-cost for plans in home insurance.

Metal roofing has lower environmental impact

Another advantage of a metal roof is that its components are almost 100% recyclable, especially zinc, because of the low energy used in its manufacture. If they last so much, then constant replacement is not as necessary, one more reason for those who want to decrease their carbon footprint, from a viewpoint of sustainability in consumption.

Compatibility with other types of roofs

We have done metal roofing installation on parts of a property, incredible details delight you as homeowners. For instance, houses with shingle-roofing incorporate metal as a functional detail, but also on the garage, and we invite you to get more information by tapping on this link. We will provide you with details about the alternatives for the last roof you will eventually install in your life.

So, the advantages are summarized as lightweight, portability and storage in small spaces, easy installation with experts, longevity, fungus protection, impact strength, fire resistance, easy snow sliding, compatibility with other roofs, and environmental friendliness.

Our roofing company can show you choices for all budgets, but also consider your insurance, and the payments if you own an old-asphalt roof today. A metal roof that will not only serve you as the current homeowner, but also will become a legacy, keeping that investment intact for decades.

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