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As remote jobs gain traction after the pandemic, homeowners tend to put a little extra love into those spaces where they now spend more time. Working at home is currently becoming the usual mode, not just a fad.

Home improvement has no clear definitions. It could mean some indoor plants, matching colors by using a new rug, new furniture, a fence, etc. But also, it could involve renovating the kitchen, upgrading a bathroom, painting the whole house, or replacing the entire roof with a metal cover, among other projects.

Anyway, who can afford such makeovers only with savings? Sure, if you have sufficient funds, the best way to fix or renovate your home includes no interest. We agree, and therefore we show you how to get financing without paying any extra money.

Before we dive in, remember that we can chat -no strings attached- through Messenger, WhatsApp, filling this form, sending us an email to [email protected], in Facebook or Instagram.

A roofing and remodeling company that finances your renovation projects

Smarthomes Roofing & Remodeling introduces you to viable choices for funding your projects according to your expectations and needs. To do so, we offer financing plans through Green Sky: one of the most prominent financing entities for home improvement in the US. 

The process is a quick transaction. Different banks participate in such a program. Hence, Green Sky approves you in seconds.

How much should anyone pay through financing?

We have plenty of financing choices available, but the most popular ones include up to 96 months (lower fixed rates available). Make a consultation to find out more details.

Secondly, you can have a promotional period of 12 months with no interest if you pay in full within that time frame. Be sure to meet the deadlines to waive the interest amount, so you pay no more than the original cost if paid in full within one year.

Isn’t that great? Sure it is! A good plan if you’re willing not to pay any interest at all.

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Additional incentives if funds for home improvement come from other sources

If you apply to external financial products once you get the money, pick the cash deal incentive from our representative. You can get more details by calling us at (832) 830-3280 -no strings attached-.

And finally, you have other payment methods like credit cards, Zelle, wire transfer, money order, cashier check, or even cash. Some are a little unusual, but we accept them all.

What about home insurance? Should I file a claim to fund my renovation project?

Yes, you could do that. We work with home insurance companies, and we can help you with such process from start to finish, so you get the highest settlement possible. Remember, you will have to pay for your deductible, which we can also finance using the same tools.

Nevertheless, we will elaborate on this subject in a new post, explaining the consequences of using your insurance company in a good way, a bad one, and the ugly. Call our Support Team for additional information regarding this option if you have not started that process yet.

A quick recap on financing

This is our blend for popular financing choices, hoping they match your needs:

  1. Up to 96 months with a low fixed APR. Tap on this link to ask for more details.
  2. Up to 12 months with no interest (if paid in full within one year). Fill in the form below to start.
  3. Other payments w/ cash deals incentives.
  4. Claims on home insurance.


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